Zoning and Licensing

Zoning and Licensing Representative Matters

We are fortunate to have Joseph D. Feaster, Jr. to lead our zoning and licensing practice. Attorney Feaster formerly served on the Boston Board of Appeal for 11 years, 3 of which he served as Chair. He has over 20 years of zoning and licensing practice experience. Attorney Feaster has also served as Interim Administrator of the Boston Housing Authority and is widely regarded as an expert on zoning and affordable housing matters.

McKenzie & Associates, P.C. has significant experience in zoning and licensing matters, particularly in the City of Boston and surrounding communities. We have provided representation to clients before the Zoning Board of Appeal, Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), Inspectional Services Department (ISD), Licensing Board, and the Consumer Affairs and Licensing Department.

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

For over 10 years we have represented Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation before the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston Board of Appeals, and Boston Inspectional Services Department to address zoning issues related to several housing development projects and commercial retail projects.

Morningstar Baptist Church

We represented Morning Star Baptist church in all zoning and construction related matters before the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston Board of Appeals, and Boston Inspectional Services Department in the construction of its new church sanctuary which cost over $8 million. Although the Church was building in its existing neighborhood in Mattapan, it was required to comply with the community process as required by Boston’s Zoning Code. We successfully guided Morningstar through the process.

Metropolitan Baptist Church

We represented Metropolitan Baptist Church in the rebuilding of its new and expanded sanctuary on Norfolk Street in Dorchester. Our representation included negotiating the loan terms with the lenders, negotiating construction contracts with the builders, representing the Church in the negotiations with its neighbors, representing the Church before the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Board of Appeals and other agencies of the City of Boston.

Harbor Health Services, Inc.

We represented Harbor Health Services, Inc. in the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Article 80 development review process and before the Board of Appeal and Inspectional Services Department in connection with the construction of an Adult Day Center and offices.

Cummins Development LLC

We represented Cummins Development LLC before the Boston Redevelopment Authority in their efforts to construct scattered site housing on several parcels in Boston. This is a continuing effort for several years and we expect to conclude it in the near future.

Restaurant with Entertainment

We represented several clients before the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, City of Boston Licensing Board and Boston Board of Appeals, including spearheading the community process to enable clients to obtain the required permits to operate restaurants and lounges, and to provide entertainment.

Papa John’s Pizza

We represented the client before the Licensing Board and conducted the community process resulting in the client being permitted to operate a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant.

Yum! Brands (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

We represented Yum! Brands on several zoning and licensing matters in the City of Boston. In one particular matter, Yum! Brands asked our firm to take over an on-going matter in which it sought zoning relief to construct a new restaurant in the face of strenuous community political opposition. Previously, one of Boston’s largest law firms represented Yum! Brands in a 15-month effort that produced no results.

Immediately following our engagement, we opened communication with the community groups and elected officials, including the Mayor’s office. We listened to the opposing parties, identified 15 points of concern and counseled our client in addressing each point. After three months, we were able to bring Yum! Brands, the community, and the elected officials together through a memorandum of understanding detailing the community’s concerns and the client’s agreement on addressing each concern. This led to our client receiving the zoning relief that it sought.

JP Parcel U, LLC

We represented the developer in a $40 million project on a mixed-use development consisting of 48 condominium units and 76 affordable housing units, community space, and parking for 90 vehicles.

Boston Redevelopment Authority Parcel P3

We guided a client through the zoning and community processes for a multi-use development project on Boston Redevelopment Authority Parcel P3 for retail, hotel, office, daycare, entertainment space, housing, and parking.

Boston Redevelopment Authority Parcel 9

We represented a client in zoning and community processes for a multi-use development project on in Boston, Massachusetts, for hotel, housing, retail, community space, and parking on Boston Redevelopment Authority Parcel 9, Boston, Massachusetts.