G.L.c. 190B: Massachusetts Adopts Uniform Probate Code

As of April, 2012, the Massachusetts Legislature has enforced the new Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code which has changed the traditional schemes through which the real and personal property of a deceased individual is transferred to their heirs at law. Individuals who presently have a Will are encouraged to meet with their attorneys to ensure that their estate plans meet their present wishes. Individuals who do not have Wills are now urged to prepare one given the changes in the law with regard to who is considered an heir and who is not. A Will or other transfer instrument (like a trust) is an individual’s best vehicle for ensuring that their final wishes are carried out accordingly and that their loved ones will be cared for. Having maintained a long-standing probate and estate planning practice, our firm understands the difficulty in confronting the possibility of death. However, we have and continue to advise our clients that it is best to prepare for the unthinkable especially when one has family or other dependents. If you believe you need to speak to someone about creating an estate plan or revising an existing one, please contact Attorney Denzil McKenzie or Attorney Chaz Okagbue.